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This is a blog about horses & humans. About the interaction between the species. What good that comes out of it and what bad. And in the latter case, what could be done about it.

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Horseback Archery workshop

Posted av den i Workshops
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Come and set the warrior/Amazon within you free!
(and have a lot of fun at the same time :-)

Come for a Horseback Archery introduction workshop/training camp for three days in. The 1-3 of June Pettra Engeländer from Germany is coming to train us. With more than 10 years of experience in archery techniques, riding, horseback archery, other weapon techniques and several different martial arts she is the perfect teacher.

Read more about the workshop in Horseback Archery, Kassai style

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Owner of Lilla hästskolan (Little Horseschool) and co-funder of MiMER Centre in southern Sweden. Is out on a never ending horse journey.

I am a hopeless for life student... I can't help it, but I need to read, learn, write and think as much as I need to breathe. My curiosity never ends and there is so much to explore!

I am living on a farm in southern Sweden, with family, horses, dogs, cats, hens, sheep and bees. I do not ride my horses, I learn from them and about them. I think they learn a bit from me too. I also help people with personal growth together with the horses. I am working on getting more time to do research and write.